Bacon Fat Cubes

Every time I make Bacon Lardons I save the bacon fat for Bacon Fat Cubes. I just can’t seem to do one without the other.

As a Chef you learn not to throw out anything that you can possibly use.  Part of your job is to control food-costs and being wasteful is a sure-fire way to not being profitable.  Besides, bacon fat is pretty darn delicious in a lot of things so why would you throw it out! (yes I know you are thinking saturated fat should be avoided at all costs).  My philosophy is all things in moderation and that includes bacon fat, lard, coconut oil, ghee, and grass-fed butter. Margarine is NOT your friend.  Tastes yucky, you can’t heat it up or cook anything with it, and I’m convinced it is going to do your body a lot more long-term harm than bacon fat will!

I am sure my cardiologist is rolling his eyes and wagging his finger at me right this minute but my new family doctor is saying eat more bacon! He is someone who thinks anything low-fat or no-fat is really bad stuff. Check out the documentary called “Hungry for Change” listed in our food flicks section at the bottom of the page. You might change your mind about what you think you know about nutrition and health!

Sorry, I got side-tracked.  Back to the process of making these handy little cubes. First you’ll need a few ice-cube trays.  They are very inexpensive and have a lot of uses. So go get a few from your local big-box stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond or order them from Amazon!

Bacon Fat cubes

When I am making Bacon Lardons I pour the bacon fat into a glass measuring cup. Once the bacon fat is cool, but not yet solid, transfer to the ice-cube trays and put in the freezer.  When the cubes are frozen you know what to do! Pop those little beauties out and put them in freezer bags or freezer containers where they will be on-hand, ready to use when cooking vegetables, scrambling eggs, brushing on top of homemade biscuits and pan searing lots of meat items.

Be adventurous! Eat a little more high quality bacon (no hormones, antibiotics or GMO feed for these piggies), save the fat and remember moderation.  A little bacon fat goes a long way to add some depth and flavor to your food.  One or two cubes is what I usually use in most dishes I am preparing.


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