Peppadew Peppers Stuffed with Goat Cheese & Fromage Blanc

Tapas are appetizers or finger food that originated in Spain. Tapas can be eaten either cold or hot.  The Spaniards often go from Tapas bar to Tapas bar to enjoy small bites between finishing work and dinner.  People in Spain eat Dinner between 9 pm and 11pm!  I would have to have a nap between 4pm and 6pm to be awake for dinner at those hours!

Peppadews are a cross between a tomato and a pepper. They are grown in South Africa and are simply delicious. They have a very distinctive flavor that is both piquant and sweet. They are very versatile and can be eaten with a variety of foods.



Stuffed Peppadew Peppers

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

16 Peppadew peppers, drained on a paper towel

1/4 tsp dried oregano

1/2 small lemon, washed, zested and juiced

1 tbsp olive oil 3 oz of Fromage Blanc cheese

3 oz of Chevré goat cheese

1/2 tsp parsley, minced

Mix oregano, lemon juice, olive oil and both cheeses together in a food processor until smooth. Stuff this mixture into the peppers and garnish with the lemon zest and minced parsley. If you have a baby spoon it is ideal to use to insert the cheese mixture into the peppers. A pastry bag also works well to pipe the cheese filling into the peppers.

This recipe has a variety of flavors fused together. There are sweet, peppery and tangy flavors from the pickled Peppadew Peppers and a little acidity from the Goat Cheese and Fromage Blanc

.Tapas course #6

These delicious Peppadew Peppers are a great start to your tapas adventure and I am sure will be a hit with your friends and family.



You can find these little gems in the deli department of your supermarket or on the Peppadew website.

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