Smoked & Grilled Prime Rib

This dish isn’t a traditional Spanish dish!  But, they do eat beef in Spain and I thought that it would be an interesting pairing with the rest of the 4 course wine dinner for this month.

Prime Rib is often used in this country as the main dish for holiday celebrations like Christmas and New Years. Most of our countries Steak Houses serve Prime Rib every night of the week. But not like this!

For this pairing I wanted to put some “smoke” on the Prime Rib.  But how much?  I wanted the meat to have just enough smoke flavor to be noticeable but not so much that you lost the flavor of this beautiful piece of beef and all you tasted was smoke.

I decided to try putting it in the Bradley Smoker for two hours at 200 degrees with the pecan wood pucks going in at a rate of 1 every 20 minutes for the entire time.  To be honest I didn’t know if this would work but it was a starting point for this experiment.  I was hoping the Prime Rib would come out Rare with a light smokey flavor.


I also had another trick up my sleeve that I wanted to try!  Once the Prime Rib had been smoked I wanted to cut it off the bone into 1 inch thickRibeye Steaks and cook them on the Grill!  The Prime Rib was seasoned with Savory’s Flat Iron Prime Rib Rub, and I inserted about 15 fresh peeled garlic cloves in the meat before it went into the smoker.  The outcome was better than I expected!  The Prime Rib came out of the smoker barely warm after 2 hours and it definitely was still very rare.  The fat on the meat was just starting to slightly melt. I cut the steaks off the bone and seasoned the newly exposed edges again with Savory’s Flat Iron Prime Rib Rub.

Then I put the individual steaks on the Grill and cooked them to Medium Rare.  This only took a couple of minutes on each side.  I thought this method of smoke and grilling the meat would be great especially if you had friends and family who liked their steaks at different temperatures.  By cooking the Prime Rib this way you could give everyone a steak at their favorite temperature! This was a 3-bone Prime Rib and it fed four people with a little left over that we put in a salad the next day.

Smoked Prime Rib with H Sauce

The comments from the evaluation team were better than I expected.  They all love Prime Rib, so their compliments are exceptionally high praise.  That is what you strive for every time you get in the kitchen.  Playing and experimenting can lead to inspirational cooking and great food and wine pairings!  I am just glad this one was a home run.  Prime Rib is expensive but, in my opinion, worth every penny. So long as it’s raised humanely, you can’t beat a well marbled piece of beef!

Check the Wine Pairing Notes for the usual pairing tips.



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