May Contest – Dare to Pair

At the International Wine and Spirits Guild, we love teaching interested enthusiasts about the finer points of wine appreciation, especially pairing wines with delicious meals.  Here on our blog we love to share recipes for such meals, and we notably have a series of Paired Wine Dinners where we suggest wines to go with each course of a delightful dinner that you can make at home. Now it’s your opportunity to chip in!

We’re inviting the readers of this blog to browse all the recipes that we have posted, pick their favorite, and suggest a wine that would complement the meal.  You can submit your wine suggestion in the contact form below. Just be sure to include the name of the recipe, the wine or spirit that you feel would go well with that dish, and an explanation of what you like about that drink and the recipe.  Note that the dishes from our Paired Wine Dinners are eligible for your pairing ideas, although you shouldn’t just repeat whatever Claude suggested.  Be creative!

The top entries will get their suggestions featured on this blog, and the winner will receive a Wine Pairing Chart of their choice from our Store!

So take a look at any of the recipes that we’ve posted, and even if you don’t see one that you like, keep an eye on this blog while the contest is going.  We might post a new recipe that you know exactly how to pair. We will stop accepting entries at midnight MDT on Thursday May 28, and we will announce the winners during the day on Friday the 29th.

If you have friends who love wine, we encourage you to get them involved! The more people enter, the more likely we are to do more contests like these in the future, and the more likely you are to win!  So start pondering your favorite flavors, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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