Salmon is one of my favorite fish especially smoked salmon.  It is a great ingredient to start a meal, and equally as great as an entreé.  There are so many ways to prepare it from poaching, smoking, grilling, baking, to eating it raw!

For this month’s 4-course paired wine dinner I decided to make a smoked salmon amuse-bouche.  This little amuse-bouche is light, yet has a fantastic taste to tantalize your palate.

Last week Chef Sherrie and I made compound butter. You can read our post “Better than Buttah” to learn about the different compound butters we created.  One of them is chive and lemon zest.  I thought it would work great with the smoked salmon.  Fresh, zesty, buttery, and tasty.  A perfect beginning to a great dinner.

Also I decided to treat our guests to a bite of caviar as well. Butter, lemon, and caviar are a traditional combination.

Since this dinner is made to be paired with wine we did not offer any Vodka with it, vodka being the classic pairing with caviar.  However, the Brut Sparkling Cava was very delightful.


  • Servings: 8
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print


4 oz of smoked salmon, minced

2 oz of chive and lemon zest butter, room temperature

2 tsp of caviar, (I used a whitefish caviar that was a pale orange color)

3 tsp of creme fraiche

16 thin plain crackers


Set two crackers on an appetizer plate. Spread the compound butter lightly on the crackers, being careful not to break them.

Mix minced smoked salmon with 1 tsp lemon chive butter.  Place 1/2 tsp of this mixture on the first cracker.

Top the second cracker with  1/2 tsp of creme fraiche and 1/8 tsp of caviar.

Repeat the above steps for the remaining appetizers.

Garnish with a very thin slice of lemon, minced chives, or chive blossom flowers.

Bon appetit!






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