Green Chili Polenta Pizza with Pulled Pork & Tomatoes

I am cooking lunches all week for a wine class at our school, the International Wine & Spirits Guild.  The recipe in this posts in one of my go-to recipes that falls into the “comfort” food category that my students always rave about.

I have done tons of variations of polenta pizzas over the years.  This version has mexican flavors.  I have done polenta pizzas as a “build your own pizza bar” with a variety of toppings to choose from like italian sausage, oven roasted tomatoes, pesto, grilled onions, grilled eggplant and grilled peppers for Italian Night and Movies at home.

I have done breakfast polenta pizzas with breakfast sausage, diced hard-boiled eggs, diced crispy bacon, and cream gravy!

If you can imagine a topping theme it probably will work!  I haven’t done an indian theme but things like Chicken Tikki Masala would be delicious.

Really the polenta pizza part is just a deliver device for the toppings and sauces!  It is pretty neutral in flavor.

I make my polenta pizza more upscale and richer by adding half and half as part of the liquid and by adding some chicken base.  You could omit the half and half and just use water or use stock in place of the water all together.

Have fun! Be creative! Send me your ideas, I would love to share them!



Green Chili Polenta Pizza with Smoked Pulled Pork & Baby Cherry Tomatoes

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print


3 cups of liquid.  I used 2 cups of water and 1 cup of half and half

1 tbsp chicken base (optional)

2 tbsp 505 green chili sauce (you could just use diced green chilies)


Heat the liquid, chicken base and 505 green chili sauce in a medium saucepan till boiling.  Add the polenta and stir constantly to keep the polenta from being lumpy.

Cook for approximately 5 minutes till thick. Immediately pour onto a greased platter and spread out with the back of  a spoon to make a pizza shape.


1/4 c 505 green chili sauce, or diced green chilies

1 1/2 c shredded smoked pork (I bought pulled pork from a BBQ restaurant)

1 c baby cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes ( I would cut the grape tomatoes in half)



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