Gluten-Free Fig & Red Onion Confiture Bites

I have been in physical therapy for over a month now for hand surgery #7!  I cancelled hand surgery #8 because the rehab is going so slow for #7.  I decided at the very last-minute before walking out the door to go to rehab today that I was going to make my physical therapist, Susan a treat.

She has Celiac disease and I had some gluten-free pie dough “cookies” left from my daughter’s wedding last weekend that I thought she would enjoy. ( that will be in an upcoming post next week).

I like sweet and savory flavors in desserts and appetizers!  So in less than 3 minutes I created this tasty little morsel. All of the ingredients were on-hand.  You could substitute any chutney-style jam for the red onion confiture I used today and it would give you the “savory” component.  You could also use fresh apricots instead of the figs.


Gluten-Free Fig & Red Onion Confiture Bites

  • Difficulty: Easy
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Gluten free Pate Brisee pie dough cookies

Red Onion Confiture


Mascarpone Cheese

Candied Walnuts


Spread the red onion confiture on the pie dough cookie.

Slice the figs into 1/8 inch slices and place one slice on each jam-covered “cookie”.

Next put a small dollop of mascarpone cheese on top of the fig and garnish with a small piece of candied walnut or just a plain nut like slivered almonds or toasted walnuts or pecans if you prefer.


What is Confiture?

Confitures. are rich in texture and made of whole or roughly chopped fruit, which maintains its. original shape even after being stewed. This differs from the process of making jam, which contains 35% fruit and in which. the fruit is crushed or mashed during cooking until a uniform puree is obtained.

I had purchased the Mascarpone Cheese when I purchased the figs thinking that the two would be delicious together. The candied walnuts came from Whole Foods and I use them frequently on cheese plates.  So this is a great example of how having a well stocked pantry can be an asset when you want to create something really quick that is super easy and absolutely delicious!




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