Tres Leches Crepe Cake with Espresso Whipped Cream & Chocolate Nibs



OMG this recipe is the ultimate dessert if you ask me. Chocolate crepes filled with a mixture of Dolce de Leche, salted caramel on the bottom and topped with toasted hazelnuts and cocao nibs.  Just reading the ingredients makes me want to have it now.  The fusion of French and south American ingredients are phenomenal in this recipe.  The good news is this dessert is not too sweet, and is very decadent.

Tres Leches Crepe Cake with Espresso Whipped Cream & Chocolate Nibs

  • Servings: Servings 8-10 crepes
  • Difficulty: Difficulty: Intermediate
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Chocolate Crepe Recipe:

2 large eggs

1/2 c + 2 T of heavy cream

1/2 c of water

1 c of flour

3 T of melted butter

1/4 c + 1/2 tsp of cocoa

2 T of cacao nibs for garnish

1/4 c of toasted chopped hazelnuts for garnish

Mix the wet ingredients together, add the flour and cocoa a little at a time while whisking. Refrigerate for an hour.

Meanwhile you can start on the filling.

Dolce de Leche Preparation

1 can of sweetened condensed milk, label removed

In a hot medium pan boil water. Place the can in the water laying it on its side so it will not bounce around while cooking.  Keep at least 2 inches of water above the can during the cooking process.  Add more boiling water during this time to keep the water level correct.

Cook for 2 hours.

Remove the can, set upright, and let cool for an hour or so..  The color will look just like a light amber caramel.

Crepe Instructions

2 large eggs

1/2 c heavy whipping cream + 2 T

1/2 c water

3 T of melted butter

1 c flour

1/4 c + 1/2 tsp cocoa

3 T raw organic cocoa nibs for garnishing crepes after assembling the dessert

In a large bowl, beat the eggs, water,  butter  and heavy cream.  Add the flour and cocoa continue to whisk together. Let the batter rest for 30 minutes or so in the fridge.

In a hot crepe pan, melt a little butter. Add a scant 1/4 c crepe batter and twirl the pan around so the batter spreads out on the surface of the pan and makes a circle.

Flip the crepe when the crepe begins to set on top and is dry on the bottom. Carefully lift the edge of the crepe with a rubber spatula, then flip with your fingers and cook for 20-30 seconds more.

Remove the crepe and place on a plate. Each time you add a cooked crepe to the stack put a sheet of parchment or waxed paper between the layers so the crepes will not stick together.

Set the cooked crepes aside and prepare the whipped cream, dolce de leche, and the combined filling recipe.

You can make these crepes a day in advance and store in the refrigerator then fill them the next day. Just wrap the stack of crepes with plastic wrap when cool, then refrigerate until you are ready to assemble them the following day.

Whipped Cream Instructions

1 c of heavy cream

1 T of powdered sugar

In a stand mixer,  whip the ingredients together until they form a soft peak.  Make sure not to over whip.

Crepe Filling Instructions

1/2 c of heavy whipping cream

1/2 c of Dolce de Leche

3/4 tsp of instant espresso powder (fine ground)

Mix the above ingredients together using a whip with gentle folds.  Set aside.


Salted Caramel Instructions:  

1/2 c of granulated sugar

1/8 c of water

2.8 tbsp of butter melted

6 oz creme fraiche

1/2 tsp salt flakes (not ground salt)
Yield: 1/2 c caramel

Dissolve the sugar in a heavy  pan on medium heat.  Do not stir until it becomes medium amber color.


Remove from heat for a couple of minutes while you slowly add the water. Being very careful stir vigorously.  Then swirl the pan gently,  add the melted butter and keep stirring until all the butter is blended. Return the pan to the heat for a couple of minutes.

Remove from the heat then add the creme fraiche and stir. Once again be careful when doing this as the hot caramel could splash and burn you.

Sprinkle with  the salt.

You will not be able to stop eating the caramel!  Sorry but eating this is going to require more gym time!

Chef Sherrie loves this in her coffee and hot chocolate!

Note: The addition of creme fraiche instead of the normal addition of cream in this recipe gives this caramel a distinct “tangy” flavor that is very addictive.




Assembling the dessert

To assemble the dessert place the crepe filling on 1/2 of the chocolate crepe and fold in half.

Place another spoonful of filling on 1/2 of the crepe and fold over again.  Your crepe should now be folded in quarters.

Lay the crepe on a plate that has been drizzled with the salted caramel sauce.

Repeat the process with 2 more crepes.

On the top crepe of the stack, place a little bit of the filling, and sprinkle with the toasted hazlenuts and cocoa nibs.

Drizzle a few dots of the salted caramel on the crepes and serve.

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