Maple Bacon “Pops”


Is there anything on earth better than one bite of bacon deliciousness?  For the life of me, if you put me on a desert island and told me I could only have one thing to eat I would want BACON! Sweet, salt, and fat! Yum, Yum, Yum!

The bacon I cure and smoke (usually on applewood) has a texture similar to canadian bacon.  It is meaty, with a small layer of fat, and has a nice outer smoke layer.

I prefer grass-fed pork that is organic.  But if you cannot find this in your area just use whatever bacon the butcher has.  Just make sure that it has not be sliced and is still in a slab.


For this appetizer I cut one inch thick slices of bacon off the slab then cut them into 1 inch cubes.  I dusted one edge with maple sugar.  You could use maple syrup as a substitute as long as it is lightly brushed on one side.  If the maple syrup is running everywhere your bacon will probably burn when you are grilling it.  So take it easy!

I grilled the cubes on each side, on medium heat and stuck a small disposable cocktail fork in it to serve it.  Each guest could then nibble their way around the cube till it was gone! There was not one crumb left on anyone’s plate.

So easy, yet so delicious! Sometimes the simplest things are the very best.  Cooking does not have to be complicated folks!


1 slab of bacon, unsliced

2 Tbsp maple sugar, or maple syrup

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