Warm Chocolate & Cherry Bread Pudding with Anglaise Sauce


I don’t eat dessert’s very often for a variety of reasons!  Usually they are too sweet for my palate, they aren’t very special (meaning you can get them in most restaurants) and they don’t work very well with most dessert wines.  In general sugar is not my friend. For me it translates into a big, bad, very ugly migraine headache. So for that reason alone I usually steer clear.

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Honey Lemon Curd Tart with Torched Meringue


Meringue is a little tricky to make. If your utensils have any oil or dirt of any kind it will ruin the meringue.  When you crack the eggs the white should not be contaminated with any yolk.  Also when separating the eggs they separate better if they are cold.

After separating the eggs bring them to room temperature to ensure a good volume when whipped.  Another trick is to use eggs that are several days old, not fresh ones!  Older eggs will give the meringue more volumn!

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Baked Apples with Golden Raisins, Pecans & Maple Cinnamon Sauce


My mother-in-law, Sarah, used to come for a visit and we would go to an apple orchard a few miles away and pick a bushel of apples. Our favorite dish to prepare  was stuffed, baked apples.  The whole house smelled divine like apple pie when we were baking   At the time I was a student in college and it was such a delight to pull a few of these out of the freezer and heat them up on a cold day after class when I was tired and needed a treat.

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Cranberry Pecan Cream Salad


This is one of my favorite ways to eat Cranberries during the winter!  It is a great dish to take to share for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  It is so pretty and always surprises people who usually eat Cranberry Sauce.

This dish only has a few great ingredients! It is super easy to make but is best if the cranberries and sugar mixture rest overnight. So be aware that this step does require some extra time and really can’t be rushed if you don’t want the salad weeping cranberry juice.

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Tres Leches Crepe Cake with Espresso Whipped Cream & Chocolate Nibs



OMG this recipe is the ultimate dessert if you ask me. Chocolate crepes filled with a mixture of Dolce de Leche, salted caramel on the bottom and topped with toasted hazelnuts and cocao nibs.  Just reading the ingredients makes me want to have it now.  The fusion of French and south American ingredients are phenomenal in this recipe.  The good news is this dessert is not too sweet, and is very decadent.

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Poached Figs with Lemon Zest and Bay Leaves

There were three styles of figs available this week at Whole Foods Market!  Mission, Turkish and a variety that I have not seen before called “Zebra” which are green and yellow striped!  They looked amazing.


I chose the mission figs to work with for this recipe and picked ones that were not too ripe.

The figs need to be pretty firm to withstand the poaching process.

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Sweet and Savory Balsamic Cherry Pie in a Jar with Black Pepper Pastry Crust

I love cherries and here in ColIMG_4168orado on the Western Slope they are known for their cherries and peaches.  When you buy cherries pick them smooth, firm and brightly colored skin.  Bing and Lambert cherries are great for eating however for pies and canning, Tart Montmorency are the best.

I decided to make individual cherry pie’s and a savory black pepper pie crust!

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The Summer of 2’s

This is the summer of 2’s.  Two eye surgeries scheduled next month, two hand surgeries and 2 kids with 2 wedding scheduled 60 days apart.

I have to tell you I am whipped and need to go on a vacation!

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Gluten-Free French Silk Pie

Gluten-free recipes are here to stay. Many people are gluten intolerant and they would rather not have it.  Of course if you have Celiac disease that definitely will put you in the class of no gluten period.

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Gluten-Free Fig & Red Onion Confiture Bites

I have been in physical therapy for over a month now for hand surgery #7!  I cancelled hand surgery #8 because the rehab is going so slow for #7.  I decided at the very last-minute before walking out the door to go to rehab today that I was going to make my physical therapist, Susan a treat.

She has Celiac disease and I had some gluten-free pie dough “cookies” left from my daughter’s wedding last weekend that I thought she would enjoy. ( that will be in an upcoming post next week).

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