Grilled Smoked Beef Tenderloin Kabobs Studded with Baby Garlic Cloves, Herbed Cream Mustard Sauce and Grilled Baby Leeks over Heirloom Bean Stew


If we are talking about premium beef cuts, this is the wine guy’s favorite.  Claude loves fillet mignon. I prefer the belly of the cow because of the flavor from the marbling of the fat in those cuts. However Beef Tenderloin is versatile, delicious, and without argument very tender.

This recipe has a lot of steps preparing the beef the way I did it for this dinner.  There are ways to cut down on the steps and I will talk about that as we go through the directions. Continue reading

The Summer of 2’s

This is the summer of 2’s.  Two eye surgeries scheduled next month, two hand surgeries and 2 kids with 2 wedding scheduled 60 days apart.

I have to tell you I am whipped and need to go on a vacation!

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Chocolate Chili Tacos & Spicy “Forever” Coleslaw

I hate wasting food!  After my son’s wedding reception there ware a lot of Black Angus Hamburgers leftover (not cooked).   I decided that I would make some chili but wanted to try something different from my regular chili soup recipe. Continue reading

Smoked & Grilled Prime Rib

This dish isn’t a traditional Spanish dish!  But, they do eat beef in Spain and I thought that it would be an interesting pairing with the rest of the 4 course wine dinner for this month.

Prime Rib is often used in this country as the main dish for holiday celebrations like Christmas and New Years. Most of our countries Steak Houses serve Prime Rib every night of the week. But not like this! Continue reading