East Meets West Lamb Stew

Hi, this is Jocelyne and I am a chef who loves her spices!

As a child I grew up in Lebanon smelling very aromatic spices. In Lebanon lunch is a very important meal almost as important as dinner! We would spend a couple of hours relaxing, chatting and having fun at family meals each day. I treasured those times with my family.

My Mother and Grandmother began each day by preparing the Lunch meal.  The kitchen is the heart of the house. What I remember most was the warm, delicious, aromatic smell of cumin, paprika, garlic and turmeric in the dishes they were preparing.  I just couldn’t wait for lunch!

This East Meets West Lamb Stew recipe infuses spices from North Africa to Spain and is a great example of how mixing the right spices together can create something truly succulent and memorable.

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