Baked Apples with Golden Raisins, Pecans & Maple Cinnamon Sauce


My mother-in-law, Sarah, used to come for a visit and we would go to an apple orchard a few miles away and pick a bushel of apples. Our favorite dish to prepare  was stuffed, baked apples.  The whole house smelled divine like apple pie when we were baking   At the time I was a student in college and it was such a delight to pull a few of these out of the freezer and heat them up on a cold day after class when I was tired and needed a treat.

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Chili Peanuts & Pumpkin Seeds


I love nuts of all kinds with all types of seasonings!

This is a great tasting, slightly spicy snack to create as the beginning to any Mexican or South America style dinner as well as a great snack to have with cocktails or beer.

It is super easy to make and something you could create with your family and friends. It would also make a great treat to take while hiking or going on a road trip like the one I am leaving on tomorrow morning for Taos and Santa Fe, NM.

I am taking Jocelyne and my friend Mel on this road trip and thought that these Chili Peanuts & Pumpkin Seeds would get us “in the mood” for some great New Mexico cuisine.

I have been researching the best restaurants to eat at in Taos and Santa Fe and have my list prepared!  I am so looking forward to this trip.  I need a break and I need someone to cook for me for awhile!

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Sherrie’s Buttery Maple Nut Granola


Shut the front door!  This granola just rocks!  I normally hate granola! It’s too sweet, too dry, too boring!  So why bother?  It’s supposed to be “good for you” right?

I have tried ton’s of different companies granola’s and to date have not fallen in love with any of them.  I am convinced that in CAN taste good and it CAN be just the way you like it.

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Heirloom Bumble Bee Cherry Tomato Galette with Creme Fraiche


Any recipe with dough makes me happy.  Luckily I do not work in a bakery, otherwise I would  be in big trouble with my carb intake!   I am still experimenting with gluten-free flour and just did a wedding basically  all gluten-free.

I was in the mood to do some baking so I started making this recipe.However my intentions were to use traditional all-purpose flour with gluten. So while working the dough I realized I did use Gluten Free flour by mistake!! Continue reading

Tri-Fecta of Roasted Beets with Hazel Nut Whipped Chévre and Mint Chiffonade


This recipe was a lot of fun to do.  Playing with colored beets and building a tower was exciting.  Of course this time a year the farmers market is towards the end of its life, however Chef Sherrie found great looking beets last Saturday.

She handed me three bags each filled with a different kind of beets. Yellow, striped, and traditional wine color. Her words were “do something interesting with it”.  And this is the recipe that I came up with today.

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Grilled Baby Bella Mushrooms Stuffed with Creamed Colorado “Peaches and Cream” Sweet Corn, Topped With Taleggio Cheese Fondue


I don’t know too many people who do not like mushrooms or corn! In Colorado we are blessed to have farmers who grow both!

The corn I chose for this recipe is in season in Colorado.  It’s called “peaches and cream” corn!  It has both yellow and white kernels and is super sweet! It’s so delicious and tender you practically don’t have to cook it!

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Poached Figs with Lemon Zest and Bay Leaves

There were three styles of figs available this week at Whole Foods Market!  Mission, Turkish and a variety that I have not seen before called “Zebra” which are green and yellow striped!  They looked amazing.


I chose the mission figs to work with for this recipe and picked ones that were not too ripe.

The figs need to be pretty firm to withstand the poaching process.

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The Summer of 2’s

This is the summer of 2’s.  Two eye surgeries scheduled next month, two hand surgeries and 2 kids with 2 wedding scheduled 60 days apart.

I have to tell you I am whipped and need to go on a vacation!

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Gluten-Free Fig & Red Onion Confiture Bites

I have been in physical therapy for over a month now for hand surgery #7!  I cancelled hand surgery #8 because the rehab is going so slow for #7.  I decided at the very last-minute before walking out the door to go to rehab today that I was going to make my physical therapist, Susan a treat.

She has Celiac disease and I had some gluten-free pie dough “cookies” left from my daughter’s wedding last weekend that I thought she would enjoy. ( that will be in an upcoming post next week).

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Cherry Balsamic Vinegar

Did you ever wonder how infused vinegars and olive oils are created?  Here is a delicious, easy recipe for infusing the flavor of cherries into balsamic vinegar!  You will be surprised by the ingredients used to make this delicious infused vinegar!

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