“Thai-delicious” 4 Course Wine & Food Pairing Notes

All the years I have been teaching about wine, or wine and food pairing, people always ask about what wine goes with Chinese food. Or in this case, Asian cuisine. We call this kind of pairing a “cross-cultural” pairing. That is food from a country that does not have a wine and food pairing tradition paired to wines from a country that does have such a tradition.

Of course, since wine and food pairing is primarily a Eurocentric concept, you need to find wines that will go with the proteins, cooking techniques, and herbs and spices used in Asian cuisine. Interestingly enough, these will usually be wines coming out of Northern Europe such as Germany, Alsace (in France), Austria, Switzerland and Northern Italy (particularly Trintino Alto-Adige).

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April’s 4-Course Paired Wine Dinner

How Does One Pair Wine With A Meal?

Wine and food pairing is more than just picking a wine to go with each dish. To really make it work for a multi-course dinner you have to think through a wine theme, how you are going to approach each dish and how to make sure it works while moving from course to course throughout the dinner. Continue reading

Spanish 4 Course Wine Dinner Pairing Notes

Teaching Wine & Food Pairing is one of the most exciting parts of my job.  I love watching the “light bulb” go off when people finally grasp the concept and realize that there really is something real about the concept.  I spent 10 years in developing a visual method to teach the concepts of this fascinating topic. When our students “trust” the methodology behind this research they are usually fascinated by how well it works! Continue reading