Thai Coconut Coffee Shots with Mint Simple Syrup

This closer was a last minute decision!  Simple syrup is “simple”.  Maybe that’s how it got it’s name!  This coffee “shooter” was a surprise that the 2 chef’s came up to end the “Thai-delicious” meal.  It was smooth, creamy, minty and noy very sweet but full of flavor. The coconut milk (unsweetened) had the same body feel as heavy cream adding a super creamy texture to the drink.  Think liquid ice-cream and you’ll have a feel for what this little surprise was like! Continue reading

Supreme Orange Topped Pannacotta with Pistachio Praline Brittle and Tokaji Gelée

This recipe has a funny story to it.

I wanted to make Mango Pannacotta so I started pureing the mangoes in the food processor, added what I needed and put the mixture in the fridge.  The next day I unmolded one of the Mango Pannacotta’s  and to my surprise the Pannacotta was hairy!  Mango hair, not human hair.  When I added the gelatin to solidify the mango puree, it brought out all the fuzz and hair in the mango.  When the mangos were pureed you could not see the hair and fuzz.  Of course it all went into the garbage and I started over creating a different recipe.

The lesson here is that texture is embeded in the pulp.  When you peel the mango, make sure the pulp is not too stringy.  If it is, just eat the mango and do not use it for Pannacotta! Continue reading

Grilled Thai Chicken Satays

I marinated the chicken overnight but if you are in a hurry you can leave the chicken in the marinade for 30 minutes to one hour.  They won’t be as flavorful but will still be delicious. Continue reading

Stir Fried Curried Thai Pork over Cauliflower Rice

This dish is going to become a family favorite.  It is fragrant and the flavors are exotic and complex.  This dish is versatile as well. You could use the meat mixture to make lettuce wraps for a fast lunch or a Thai-inspired sloppy joe! All of the wet ingredients could be added to ground pork to make a meat-loaf or added to ground pork to make an awesome grilled pork burger. Continue reading

Pan Fried Rock Fish With Tri-Flavored Sauce



I love this fish since it has a very light taste to it that allows me to play with the sauce.  Rock fish has a sweet mild flavor with a medium texture.  It is great for sauteing and poaching, not so much for grilling.  The sauce is the king in this dish.  The flavors burst beautifully on your palate.  Make sure you have extras when you make it. Continue reading

Spicy Pickled Cucumber Salad

This is a simple, yet refreshing, summer asian salad that really hits the spot on a hot day.  It is a great pot-luck dish and picnic dish. I am addicted to this salad and always look forward to picking cucumbers out of the garden to use to make this salad.  I like to use small cucumbers since they tend to be less bitter than the large ones.  If you don’t have access to small cucumbers you can peel large cucumbers to remove some of the bitter skin. Continue reading

“Thai-delicious” 4 Course Wine & Food Pairing Notes

All the years I have been teaching about wine, or wine and food pairing, people always ask about what wine goes with Chinese food. Or in this case, Asian cuisine. We call this kind of pairing a “cross-cultural” pairing. That is food from a country that does not have a wine and food pairing tradition paired to wines from a country that does have such a tradition.

Of course, since wine and food pairing is primarily a Eurocentric concept, you need to find wines that will go with the proteins, cooking techniques, and herbs and spices used in Asian cuisine. Interestingly enough, these will usually be wines coming out of Northern Europe such as Germany, Alsace (in France), Austria, Switzerland and Northern Italy (particularly Trintino Alto-Adige).

Continue reading