Citrus Olive Oil Cake with Marcona Almonds

Almonds are one of my favorite nuts. I snack on them throughout the day. In Spain, Marcona Almonds are a staple and are known as the “Queen of the Almonds”. They are slightly softer in texture and sweeter in flavor than other almonds and are often packed in oil. Continue reading

Shrimp Kabobs with Romesco Sauce

I love cold shrimp!  It reminds me of summer and  I am ready for winter to be gone.  We’ve had a rough winter here in Denver. I’m ready to sit on the back deck with a nice crisp white wine and a bowl of boiled, Florida Pink Shrimp with some delicious Romesco Sauce!

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Warm Spinach & Chickpea Salad

I love to make this salad especially on a cold day.  I came up with this recipe while preparing dinner one night. I had some fresh spinach but was not in the mood for a cold salad and wanted something warm and hearty. I found some chickpeas in the pantry and decided they might be good with the spinach. Continue reading

Peppadew Peppers Stuffed with Goat Cheese & Fromage Blanc

Tapas are appetizers or finger food that originated in Spain. Tapas can be eaten either cold or hot.  The Spaniards often go from Tapas bar to Tapas bar to enjoy small bites between finishing work and dinner.  People in Spain eat Dinner between 9 pm and 11pm!  I would have to have a nap between 4pm and 6pm to be awake for dinner at those hours! Continue reading

Chef Sherrie’s Smoked Olives with Poached Garlic

This is the second in our series of Tapas for this month’s wine-paired meal.

About a year ago I got a crazy idea to smoke some olives in my Bradley Smoker.  I’ve been putting olives in the oven with fresh zested orange peel, onions, and garlic for years and got to thinking about how I could change the recipe.  The olives roasted in the oven heated or around 30 minutes at 325 degrees.This was just long enough to have them release more of their flavor and infuse the orange peel and garlic into the oil and meat of the olive.

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Spanish 4 Course Wine Dinner Pairing Notes

Teaching Wine & Food Pairing is one of the most exciting parts of my job.  I love watching the “light bulb” go off when people finally grasp the concept and realize that there really is something real about the concept.  I spent 10 years in developing a visual method to teach the concepts of this fascinating topic. When our students “trust” the methodology behind this research they are usually fascinated by how well it works! Continue reading