Heirloom Bumble Bee Cherry Tomato Galette with Creme Fraiche


Any recipe with dough makes me happy.  Luckily I do not work in a bakery, otherwise I would  be in big trouble with my carb intake!   I am still experimenting with gluten-free flour and just did a wedding basically  all gluten-free.

I was in the mood to do some baking so I started making this recipe.However my intentions were to use traditional all-purpose flour with gluten. So while working the dough I realized I did use Gluten Free flour by mistake!! Continue reading

Tri-Fecta of Roasted Beets with Hazel Nut Whipped Chévre and Mint Chiffonade


This recipe was a lot of fun to do.  Playing with colored beets and building a tower was exciting.  Of course this time a year the farmers market is towards the end of its life, however Chef Sherrie found great looking beets last Saturday.

She handed me three bags each filled with a different kind of beets. Yellow, striped, and traditional wine color. Her words were “do something interesting with it”.  And this is the recipe that I came up with today.

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Harvest 4-Course Dinner Wine Pairing Notes


This month’s 4-course Harvest Dinner was a celebration of sharing the produce from the International Wine & Spirit Guild’s garden so there are lots of vegetable courses in this menu.  It was a delicious feast and a great celebration of all the hard work our chef’s put into growing these vegetables.  The entire garden is organic, uses composting methods to enrich the soil and the produce was picked at it’s peak of flavor.

The 2 chefs do an excellent job of maintaining dish “balance”, that is, all the components of an individual dish are of equal flavor intensity. This actually helps make wine pairing easier! When a dish is “balanced” it allows you to pair the wine to several components of the flavor profile of the dish.

However, before actually picking wines to go with the food, I would like to talk about the concepts of a theme for the wine and a wine progression. The theme is a decision on what kinds of wines you plan to pick. A wine progression is a plan on how you are going to choose wines to go with each dish. Both are done before any wines are picked, but after you have a clear understanding of how the dishes relate to each other in terms of complexity, flavor intensity and richness of the food.

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Sweet and Savory Balsamic Cherry Pie in a Jar with Black Pepper Pastry Crust

I love cherries and here in ColIMG_4168orado on the Western Slope they are known for their cherries and peaches.  When you buy cherries pick them smooth, firm and brightly colored skin.  Bing and Lambert cherries are great for eating however for pies and canning, Tart Montmorency are the best.

I decided to make individual cherry pie’s and a savory black pepper pie crust!

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